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I see hearts

This blog is a site showing photos of moments when I see hearts, made by myself in random moments.

What about “I see hearts”? (#iseehearts)

Every picture tells a different story of a different instance. Nonetheless every picture captioned the same instant: #iseehearts. In each of those moments I discovered a heart out of nowhere, in the middle of a stream, in the middle of a wood, in my drinks or even in my hair. Every picture is authentic and not edited. I first recognized them this year, in 2018. Since then I see them everywhere. <3 According to a myth guardian angels are passing by or accompanying and guiding our way. And seeing hearts is (just) one way for them/ us to make them visible to us.

Seeing these hearts doesn’t work by looking for them, instead it┬┤s such a precious moment to discover them just by case, mostly in an ordinary situation. What happens then is always the same, though: I get totally excited and take out my iPhone to capture the moment. And sometimes of course I collect what I’ve just found and take it home with me. Seeing a heart just like that melts my own and a warm feeling of total joy and happiness surrounds me for hours.

I’m sure if you open your heart and let it guide your every moment on your way you will see them, too. If so, you can send me your photo and the story about it and I`d love to post it here, too.

Stories behind those pictures:

This picture reminds me of the line “just a drop of water in an endless sea” (“Dust in the wind”). There was a big stream with a million of stones in it. I was just enjoying this beautiful turquoise water at Hinterstoder, running so fluently and quietly at the same time. And then I saw it! #iseehearts

This picture was the absolut best moment seeing hearts so far to me. I just came home, alone, surrounded by silence. I was just putting down my pair of jeans to change it with my jogging paints when this little cute heart fell off the cuff end of my pant legs. The silence was immediately interrupted by that sound that little heart made when crashing on the floor. I was wondering what this could have been – and then I was really flattered. I didn’t even recognize where and when this tiny heart had found me before. However, it accompanied me home. What warm feeling a pebble stone can give you, though. #iseehearts

Just a totally random situation: enjoying a nice cappuccino and having a nice chat and there it is: #iseehearts

Well this was really cute: It`s wintertime so I’m enjoying a nice mulled wine. And what do I see after nearly having sipped it completely? A heart in the cinnamon stick. This really hit me!#iseeheart

A heart in the juice of my friend. So even if everything`s gone (the juice), love is always there! Btw: My friend discovered it. #iseeheart

Well, what happened here I don’t know! In the break of our workshop my friend ran to me asking: What have you done? I was a little scared, because I didn’t do anything and immediately worried what could have gone wrong (and if maybe our workshop could be ruined now). Instead she took her iPhone and showed me what had happened with my hair. In our workshops there is a lot of love, too, so I guess that came out of everything we were dealing with in these hours. #iseehearts

Oh, I loved discovering this tiny heart out of wood on a leaf while having a mediative 2h walk. One of those moments when you can discover one out of 1000 pieces, looking all the same at the surface. #iseehearts

My favorite photo so far! <3 How cute is that? A hole that shows 100% the form of a heart! And even a second tiny one below. And yet the hole is wet, it`s a puddle! I had to laugh out loud. #iseehearts

Here I can see clearly a big heart and a very tiny, but clear one at the top. Some really nice footprints from? I enjoyed following them on my walk. #iseehearts

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With love,

yours Manuela

Mentaltrainerin Manuela Gassner
Mentaltrainerin Manuela Gassner